DVD: We Are Family

This is a heart warming and thought provoking film inspired by the real life challenges, dilemmas and bravery people face when dealing with the delicate issue of living organ donation. Writing by Dela Idowu Executive Director of Gift of Living Donation herself a potential kidney donor for her brother Tayo and Cleveland Norris, the film produced by Words of Colour Productions, provides information in an engaging manner that gives people a better understanding of living kidney donation. It is a useful resource which kidney patients can use to ask their family and friends for support and more importantly talk openly about a subject that is unfamiliar.

At the heart of the film is a beautifully simplistic message: the choice to become a living kidney donor for a loved one could dramatically improve the quality of their life.

Book: More Than a Match

Written by the Executive Director of Gift of Living Donation is a wealth of information for people who have watched the film We Are Family and are considering coming forward as a living kidney donor. The book is a moving account of her family's journey as potentials donors as they unite to try and give one of their own a life-saving transplant. It aims to:

  • Provide potential donors and recipients with a summary of the different stages of the living donor process from donor compatibility, through the various medial tests to the reality of carrying on a normal life with one kidney.
  • Address issues such as the fears and anxieties and other emotions often facing people who have made the brave decision to become a donor.
  • Provide information to family or friends and anyone else wishing to know more about living kidney donation.
Other resource:
  1. Read excerpts of the book here (PDF)

About The Author

The 30 minute film creatively blends information and drama to subtly inform people about dialysis and transplantation, highlighting the valuable role families can play in living donation.