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I was given this book by a nurse at my dialysis centre. Wow! I was blown away, I laughed and I cried. What a heart warming story, it has inspired me to buy the book for my friends and family, who knows I might just be lucky and get a donor. - A. Bello

Thank you for sharing your book with the British Renal Society, continue your excellent work in raising the profile of renal transplantation across all ethnic groups. -R. Fluck

If you want more information on being a kidney donor, this book puts you on the right track! – K. Miller

Dela, you got the connection between a better quality of life for the people we love with kidney failure and the sacrifice it takes to make it happen spot on. M. Samuel

My sister who has kidney failure has been on dialysis for 7 years, I was too afraid to donate a kidney to her, but after reading how Dela’s daughters who are in the 20’s offered to become donors for their uncle, I realised I had no excuse. Thank you for such a remarkable story. – A Akinbola

Dela, your book tackles the real issues of being a kidney donor and talks openly about the challenges people with kidney failure face.- C Noble The book is absolutely brilliant, to the point, easy to read and not too technical. Anybody wishing to know all there is about being a living kidney donor has found the right book – O. Oluwole

I read your book during the Christmas holidays, absolutely brilliant! I could feel all the emotions you went through during your assessment. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about being a living kidney donor. – M Vutabwarova

I knew little about organ donation; however, I knew that it was something black people did not partake in. After reading “More Than a Match” my attitude towards it has changed. The bottom line is that people from the African- Caribbean community must help each other to succeed not only in music and sports but also in health. – R Kwame

Each chapter was a cliff hanger and it felt like reading a TV drama as the events in the family’s life unfolded. The love this family showed reduced me to tears and for Dela to still find the courage to share her story to help others find a possible donor was truly amazing. I hope her brother get the transplant he needs. –J. Lord

I read your book on the train journey home and it brought tears to my eyes. It was so eloquently written too. What a journey you went on: Vivienne Calderbank

Dela I found your book very informative where the donor is concerned, particularly recovery and life with one kidney. Cleveland Morris

Thanks for sharing your living donor experience life . As a kidney transplant recipient and activist in this area, I am so grateful that you have shared your family's story through the pain and joy so that other people are better informed and feel part of a larger family. I am sure your book will give much hope and inspiration to many. God bless you for blessing others! Deepak Mahtani

This is a warm and sensitively written book chronicling the emotional and practical journey a sister takes by offering to be a living kidney donor for her brother. I found the account easy to read and both informative and inspirational. I highly recommend this book to those who are interested in this topic or contemplating become a living organ donor. Cecil Thompson, University College London

Anyone looking for more information of being a living kidney donor must read this book! Dr Sharnoon , Central Middlesex Hospital

Reading More Than a Match gave me the courage to come forward as a donor for my sister, Thank you so much Dela for sharing your story, hopefully it will help to change my sister's life. Dayo Doru

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As a person considering donating to a friend, your book gave me more information about living donation than my doctor - R. Williams

The book was fascinating, the overall message about living kidney donation will help people decide if organ donation is for them or not. - M. Mensah

Well done! Hopefully if more people read your book, the waiting list for kidney patients needing a transplant will become shorter. D. Watson

What you have clearly worked very hard for will no doubt be of great use for a lot of families. I hope the book is a great success and leads to encouraging more people to consider live donor transplantation D. Meyer

This book will give people the confidence to decide to donate a kidney or any other organ to a family member or friend that needs a transplant. D. Leaner

I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking to be a living donor A. Bankole